Building Committee

This group meets at least semiannually for a tour of the St. Joseph facilities to inspect and oversee any building or remodeling projects. Members include Connie Lange, Cory Knudtson, Jim Sporrer, Irene McCoy, Dean Reiser, Deb Travis, Bill Aumer, Bill Cook and Susan Reiser.

Faith Formation Board

This Board meets monthly to make decisions concerning faith formation. Faith Formation is directed by Sharon Mayer.  RCIA is directed by Fr. Tom Flanagan. Faith Formation Board members include Fr. Tom, Sharon Mayer, Chris Hinshaw, Jeanette Baack, Abby Walleck, Molly Foss, Larry Sattler and Jen Prentice. Sharon Mayer also serves as the Safe Environment Coordinator.


Members of the Finance Committee advise the Pastor in financial matters pertaining to the Parish. The Finance Council overseas the budgeting and financial procedures.

Members of the Finance Committee are: Connie Lange, Cory Knudtson, Pam Fisher,  Jill Harms, Jack Kliegl, Holly Skopec, Jim Baumgard, Dennis Lippon,  Fr. Tim Johnson and Finance Secretary is Susan Reiser.

Lay Directors

Lay Directors assist the Pastor in human resources, financial management, spiritual direction and facility improvement.

Current parish lay directors are Connie Lange and Cory Knudtson.

Pastoral Council

This committee meets bimonthly on even numbered months to conduct spiritual business of St. Joseph. Members include Connie Lange, Cory Knudtson, Doug Heller, Chris Hinshaw, Alex Jones, Connie Jones, Jim McCoy, Chris Stein and Curt Willette. Parish Pastoral Council secretary is Susan Reiser.

Peace and Justice

This committee includes Bob Moore, Frank Kennedy, Connie Stein, Dennis Lippon, Connie Bjornstad, Kathy Christensen, Larry Lavin, Carol Lee,  Molly Mulqueen, Bernie Kramer, Fran Cerny, Merlin Wuebker, Fr. Tim John son, Fr. Tom Flanagan. The committee is responsible for raising awareness within the parish about peace and justice issues both locally and in the larger community, and for  ministering to the immediate needs of the less fortunate.

Welcome Committee

A group of friendly, caring parishioners who personally welcome new families in the parish.  Parishioners needing a ride to Mass or other appointments are welcome to call the parish office.