Contemporary Band

This “Rock the Church” band, as it has been affectionately named, plays on the 3rd Sunday of the month at either the 10:00am service during the school year or the 9:00am service in the summer.  This group consists of professional musicians on vocals, drums, guitar, bass, saxophone, flute, jazz organ/keyboards and piano.  We play music from all genres including jazz, blues, classic rock, modern rock, country, gospel, classical, contemporary christian and sacred music.
This service would appeal to those whose soul is inspired by the power of all kinds of music.  Our goal is to take liturgically appropriate music, whether it is secular or sacred, and put it into a worship atmosphere where the song’s appearance completely changes.

Praise Band

This band plays on the 1st Sunday of every month at either the 10am service during the school year or the 9am service in the summer.  Our group consists of both professional and novice members of our parish and we play contemporary, up-beat praise and worship music.  This service would appeal to those who want to sing praises and get their spirits soaring through music.


St. Joseph’s has been lucky to be blessed with many wonderful and talented cantors.  This volunteer ministry requires a strong commitment and these singers put forth a lot of time and hard work every week to bring beautiful music to our services on the weekend.
With 3 services during the school year and 5 services a weekend during the summer, we are always looking to expand our group of cantors.
If you love to sing and would like to lead during our worship service, please contact Jennifer at 338-2274 ext.12

Miracle Choir

St. Joseph’s Miracle Choir is true to it’s name…miracles really do happen and if you don’t believe me, you should come and see for yourself!  The choir is open to adults and middle/high school students and the only requirement is that you enjoy singing and being involved with a great group of really nice people.  We sing during the Advent/Christmas seasons and also during Lent/Easter seasons.  We are always welcoming new members!